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Algae Test Results

The tables below contain blue-green algae and red tide results from water samples taken in Lee County by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). Information on this page is updated periodically throughout the week. More current results may be available by visiting the DEP Florida Algal Bloom Site Visits map and the FWC Red Tide Current Status map.

Blue Green Algae Data
11/7/2019not collectedDrainage Canal @ Mobile Home Park
11/14/2019not detectedShad Roe Canal
11/18/2019not detected3716 Gulfstream Pkwy Cape Coral
11/22/2019not collectedMarinatown at Hancock Bridge Pkwy
11/25/2019not detectedMarinatown @ Hancock Bridge

Table Data Last Modified: Fri Dec 06, 2019 15:27:32 EST

Blue Green Algae Legend
Greater than 8 micrograms/LPotential for health impact

Table Data Last Modified: Fri Jun 07, 2019 15:57:24 EDT

Red Tide Data
12/2/2019MEDIUM Burnt Store Marina (Charlotte Harbor)
12/3/2019LOW Cayo Pelau; 2 mi S of (Charlotte Harbor)
12/3/2019VERY LOW Boca Grande Pass
12/2/2019VERY LOW Little Bokeelia Island; N of (Charlotte Harbor)
12/2/2019LOW Mondongo Island; W of (Pine Island Sound)
12/2/2019VERY LOW Captiva Rocks; SW of (Pine Island Sound)
12/2/2019VERY LOW Hemp Key; S of (Pine Island Sound)
12/2/2019VERY LOW Cork Island; W of (Pine Island Sound)
12/2/2019VERY LOW Redfish Pass; 1.8 mi E of (Pine Island Sound)
12/2/2019LOW Regla Island; W of (Pine Island Sound)
12/2/2019LOW Buck Key; 1.9 mi NE of (Pine Island Sound)
12/4/2019LOW South Seas Plantation Entrance
12/2/2019VERY LOW Matanzas Pass (Estero Bay)
12/4/2019not present Lynn Hall Park
12/4/2019VERY LOW Lighthouse Beach
12/2/2019not present Mound House Dock (Estero Bay)
12/2/2019not present Estero River; upstream
12/2/2019not present Estero River; mouth of (Estero Bay)
12/2/2019BACKGROUND Coon Key; N of (Estero Bay)
12/4/2019BACKGROUND Tarpon Road Beach
12/2/2019not present Carl Johnson Park Boat Ramp (Estero Bay)
12/4/2019not present Lovers Key State Park
12/2/2019not present Pelican Bay Nature Park Pier (Estero Bay)
12/4/2019not present Bonita Beach Park

Table Data Last Modified: Fri Dec 06, 2019 15:28:55 EST

Red Tide Legend
LevelCells per LiterPossible Effects
Not present/Background0-1,000None Anticipated.
Very low>1,000-10,000Possible respiratory irritation; shellfish harvesting closures > 6 cells/mL.
Low>10,000-100,000Respiratory irritation; possible fish kills and bloom chlorophyll probably detected by satellites at upper range.
Medium>100,000-1,000,000Respiratory irritation and probably fish kills.
High>1,000,000As above plus discoloration

Table Data Last Modified: Tue May 14, 2019 07:41:11 EDT

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